Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds – Feminized


for a pack of 5 seeds

Introducing Purple Haze, a meticulously bred cannabis strain engineered for potency and flavor. Born from a cross between Purple Thai and Haze, this sativa-dominant hybrid boasts high levels of THC and a complex terpene profile, resulting in a multifaceted experience that tantalizes the senses. With its dense, resinous buds and striking purple coloration, Purple Haze is as visually stunning as it is potent. Ideal for experienced users seeking a cerebral high coupled with deep relaxation, this iconic strain showcases the artistry and innovation of modern cannabis breeding techniques.

Elevate your senses with Purple Haze, a legendary cannabis strain known for its vibrant purple hues and euphoric effects. Crafted from a blend of Purple Thai and Haze genetics, this sativa-dominant hybrid offers a sweet and earthy flavor profile with hints of berry and spice. Perfect for sparking creativity and enhancing mood, Purple Haze delivers a cerebral high that’s as uplifting as it is relaxing. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or simply looking to unwind, this iconic strain is sure to leave you feeling blissfully content.


5 seeds per pack

Strain Genetics

Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani




Up to 400gr indoor/650gr out

Flowering Time

Average (55 – 65 days)


Euphoric, Long lasting, Relaxing

Taste / Flavor

Herbal, Kush, Sweet

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