SuperBox CFL grow cabinet

SuperBox CFL grow cabinet review

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet gets our vote for the best CFL grow box on the market. It is ideal for personal use!

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet is the most compact grow box in the SuperCloset range and measures 18” (width) x 24” (depth) x 30” (height). This grow box is so small that you can literally put it anywhere. From easy access in the kitchen, to your private marijuana grow in the den, this box is designed to fit anywhere. Although tiny, this marijuana grow box is powerful and offers high performance.

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet costs around $1 000.00. When you consider all that is included, this is a very reasonable price. You can buy SuperBox CFL grow cabinet on the Led Grow Lights Depot website at the discounted price of $795.

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet is a great grow box for the beginner indoor hydroponics marijuana grower. It is also a superb choice for stealth growers: carbon filtration absorb aromas and a locking door keeps your grow safe and away from prying eyes.

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet is contains an automated hydroponic grow system and every component needed to start growing immediately.

SuperCloset is a leading grow box manufacturer who back their products with a with a 3 year warranty  and 7 days a week lifetime service.

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet comes fully assembled and includes an instructional video tutorial to get you started.

With the SuperBox CFL grow cabinet you can create an ideal indoor gardening environment to grow marijuana. All important growing elements have been taken into account and incorporated into the grow boxdesign.

The Superbox is quiet, safe, beautiful, air-tight, light-tight, and lockable. It is a superb powder-coated, stealth grow box, designed to fit perfectly in any home!

SuperBox CFL grow cabinet

What’s included in the SuperBox CFL grow cabinet?

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet has a single chamber in which you can grow your marijuana plants from seed to harvest in the included hydroponics system.

The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet features and/or includes the following:

  • Plant capacity: The SuperBox CFL grow cabinet holds up to 8 plants.
  • Hydoponic system: The fully automated 8-plant SuperPonics system grow plants a lot faster than other hydroponic methods. The system combines top feed watering with bottom feed oxygenation and is said to grow plants up to five times faster than soil growing and twice as fast as other hydroponics methods. This system is easy to maintain and the reservoir can hold up to 10 gallons of nutrient rich water.
  • Grow light system: The Feliz 200W warm spectrum Feliz CFL grow light system emits red 2700K light and ensures that plants get the full light spectrum they need. These are great all round, warm spectrum CFL grow lights that encourage flowering.
  • Trellis System: A good trellis system can improve quality and increase yields by up to 30%. Trellises help support, partition, and train your plants. They also create equal spacing between plants and provide a healthy canopy to ensure even light distribution and absorption for every plant.
  • Air pump: The Eco Air 2-Port air pump is powerful, yet quiet. This durable pump is provides oxygen in the hydroponic system and operates without oil or noise.
  • Water pump: The powerful 132 gallon/hr water pump has a oil-free high magnetic rotor and ceramic shaft. The pump is reliable and quiet, and can be plugged into a timer.
  • Carbon filter: A built-in carbon filter eliminates all odors emanating from inside. This is an industrial grade filter that should last up to 2 years.
  • Digital thermometer/ hygrometer: Gives you the ability to make sure you are providing your plants with their ideal environment. Includes a waterproof temperature probe. The device measures indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity, and stores the min/max values. You can switch between °C and °F, and 12/24 mode clock.
  • TDS Meter: Total dissolved solids meter to monitor the suitability of your water source for hydroponics. Determines if water contains appropriate amount of nutrients. Has large, easy-to-read LCD screen in translucent blue housing and includes a convenient color chart explaining TDS values.
  • General Hydroponics pH Control Kit: This pH Control Kit made by General Hydroponics contains 8 ounces of pH Up, 8 ounces of pH Down, 1 ounce indicator and vial.
  • Analog Single Timer: Light timer switches grow lights on and off automatically. The feeding timer allow you to water your plants evenly and regularly without lifting a finger.
  • 6 socket industrial power strip: Belkin industrial power strip provides clean, safe, and balanced power from 6 grounded outlets.
  • Shock buster: The included GFCI plug adapter ensures your safety. The adapter is easy to operate and eliminates electronic malfunctions that could occur when water is in the vicinity of electrical components.
  • Rockwool cubes: Rockwool is a hydroponic medium made from spun granite. Great for wicking.
  • Clay grow rocks: This is a reusable secondary medium that encourages robust plants and greater yields.
  • Nutrient starter kit: The Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Bundle Starter Kit is a great kit for both the new and experienced growers. Includes everything required to start. Consists of B.C. Bloom, B.C. Boost, B.C. Grow, Thrive Alive B-1 Red, Thrive Alive B-1 Green, Awesome Blossoms, Rootech Cloning Gel, MagiCal, SugarDaddy, ROOT 66, and a mixing chart.
  • Instructional DVD: This  DVD by SuperCloset provides a step-by-step guide on how to correctly set up your cabinet and prepares you to get growing the day that it arrives!
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