Super Skunk strain review!

The Super Skunk strain is loved by marijuana lovers worldwide. Users can’t get enough of its skunky aroma and awesome hybrid features.

This Super Skunk strain gives you an intensely relaxing euphoria that takes effect almost instantly. In this state, your mind will still be be crystal clear and your focus unimpaired.

This is an indica-dominant marijuana strain containing approximately 20% THC and 1% to 2.4% CBD. It flowers very quickly an produces round, fat buds.

This strain grows well both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Super Skunk strain growing information

The Super Skunk strain is considered easy to grow and is ideal for beginners.

This marijuana strain is recognized a super stain because it is hardy and durable, and can thrive and endure in many environments and conditions. It resists most infestations and is uncomplicated to grow.

Super Skunk seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Indoors, the strain yields about 18 ounces per square meter. Flowering time takes between 8 and 9 weeks. It produces short plants, typically of less than 3.5 feet.

Outdoors, the Super Skunk strain prefers a Mediterranean, sunny environments and should yield about 21 ounces per plant.

Super Skunk strain origins

The Super Skunk strain is a child strain of Skunk #1.

The strain was specifically developed for Skunk lovers by crossing the hybrid Skunk #1 with the genetics of Afghani indica.

Sensi Seeds produced the Super Skunk strain to provide heavy, thick buds that are effective against pain and stress.

This strain is thought to be the first hybrid breeding project with Afghani roots.

Super Skunk strain effects

The potency of the Super Skunk strain varies for each user.

It is a preferred strain for those looking to relieve stress. It allows you to unwind, while enjoying a super relaxing high. Consequently, it is excellent for sleeping disorders and coping with the stress of day-by-day life.

Because the Super Skunk strain is indica-dominant, it gives a powerful, full body high, while allowing you to remain tuned in, focused and fully aware of your surroundings. The underlying sativa content simultaneously allows you to remain clear-headed and continue with your daily tasks.

The Super Skunk strain is unique in that you can think clearly while high. At the same time, you can enjoy a relaxed state of elation.

If you are in need of a good old belly laugh, this is definitely the strain for you. Prepare yourself for irrepressible bouts of laughter and light-hearted banter, because your will be feeling super sociable.

Possible adverse effects of Super Skunk marijuana

This strain provides a heavy body effect that can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. These symptoms are also a result of dehydration. Remember to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and counteract these effects.

Some users have reported experiencing hallucinations, slight paranoia and anxiety after consuming the Super Skunk strain, but these occurrences are rare.

One of the effects of Super Skunk is that it clears your head and promotes focus and concentration, which could slow your body down.

A common side effect of Super Skunk is that it brings on the munchies. Most users experience significant appetite spikes and feel like they just can’t eat enough. This is a very positive side effect for those struggling with loss of appetite or nausea.

Flavor, taste and aroma of the Super Skunk strain

The Super Skunk strain has an incredibly strong aroma which smells a lot like the ammonia-like stink emitted by skunks. Not surprisingly, this is how Super Skunk got its name. Some say that the Super Skunk strain also smells a little like a fungus or smelly cheese.

Despite all these stinky connotations, Super Skunk lovers find the aroma very pleasing and can’t get enough of its skunkiness.

Completely unlike its aroma, this Super Skunk strain has a sweet and fruity flavor, with a hint of savory and a tangy aftertaste. Expert pallets also detect earthy and citrus notes.

This strain offers a blend of flavors that are quite unique.

Medical uses of Super Skunk marijuana

With healing CBD levels up to 2.4% and relaxing THC levels of 20%, this is the perfect combination for treating various chronic conditions.

The strain has extreme relaxing capabilities, and for this reason is a favorite among medical marijuana users suffering from stress.  It also helps to eliminate other aches and pains, like cramps and headaches, and even migraines.

This strain is also used to successfully treat body pain resulting from stress. This is a condition whereby patients find it very difficult to relax.

It is also great for dealing with anxiety, depression and insomnia. Most users find it a far better option than prescription drugs.

Cancer patients benefit from the effects of this strain because it counteracts persistent nausea and lack of appetite. it finally allows them to eat, preventing life-threatening weight loss.

The strain has also been proven to support individuals suffering from epilepsy and other seizures.

Where to buy Super Skunk marijuana

You can buy Super Skunk marijuana at our recommended marijuana seed banks:

ILGM marijuana seed bank

Super Skunk marijuana - ILGMILGM says: “The Super Skunk strain is one of the most famous in the world. It’s well known for its skunky fragrance and hybrid qualities. This strain gives users a euphoria that’s deeply relaxing, allowing them to quickly loosen up. It also gives them clarity and the…”


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Seedsman marijuana seed bank

Super Skunk marijuana - SeedsmanSeedsman says: “Super Skunk is the result of crossing a Skunk #1 plant with a pure, ancient land-race Afghani hash plant. In its forst year of commercial availability it won the Indica Cup at the 1990 HTCC. It is a highly vigorous, potent and aromatic cannabis strain….”

Super Skunk marijuana customer reviews

The strain has received great reviews on ILGM. 92% of 230 users give the strain a 5 star rating. Here is what a few happy customers had to say:

  • Cynthia S. United States Super Skunk Great! I have germinated half & they came out great! Thank you for the great service. Will definitely be back!!’
  • Anonymous Australia Great Service, Shipped Fast, Germinated even faster Very good i am in Australia and am very worried about ordering. but i bit the bullet and 12 days later there they were.Very impressed. germination was quick to.Thank you ILGM i look forward to more.
  • Devin W. United States Amazing site It was very easy to use the website site and my order came in a timely manner!And it was disguised very well!!
  • Anonymous New Zealand ILGM – you complete me Fantastic customer service – got the goods – ALL GOOD – thanks ILGM – you complete me.
  • Robert C.  United States Super Skunk Super fast shipping. Just started germination and everything is looking awesome so far??.

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