OG Kush Cannabis Seeds – Feminized


for a pack of 5 seeds

OG Kush, a hybrid strain with Indica-dominant genetics, boasts a THC content ranging from 19% to 24%, making it a powerhouse in the world of cannabis. Its origins trace back to the hills of California, where it gained popularity for its distinct terpene profile, including myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Known for its dense, resinous buds and short flowering time, OG Kush is favored by growers for its high yields and resilience. Additionally, its therapeutic properties make it a go-to choice for medical patients seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Indulge in the legendary OG Kush cannabis strain, celebrated for its potent effects and iconic aroma. With its earthy, piney, and lemon undertones, OG Kush offers a deeply relaxing experience that soothes both body and mind. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, pain, or insomnia, OG Kush delivers a classic and euphoric high that’s cherished by cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.


5 seeds per pack




400 in 500 gr out

Flowering time

7 to 8 Weeks


The origin story of the OG Kush cannabis strain is shrouded in mystery and subject to much debate among cannabis enthusiasts. While the exact lineage and birthplace of OG Kush remain uncertain, its rise to fame and legendary status within the cannabis community are undeniable. Let’s delve into the fascinating history of this iconic strain and explore the various theories surrounding its creation.

One prevailing theory suggests that OG Kush originated in the hills of Southern California, particularly the San Fernando Valley region, during the early 1990s. According to this narrative, a group of cannabis growers and breeders in the area stumbled upon a unique phenotype of unknown origin. Recognizing its exceptional qualities, including its pungent aroma, potent effects, and dense, resinous buds, they began cultivating and propagating this mysterious strain, eventually dubbing it “OG Kush.”

Another theory proposes that OG Kush is a hybrid of Chemdawg, a legendary strain known for its skunky aroma and powerful high, and Hindu Kush, an indica landrace strain originating from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Central Asia. This theory suggests that OG Kush inherited its distinctive characteristics, such as its earthy, piney aroma and relaxing effects, from its parent strains.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its origins, OG Kush quickly gained popularity among cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts for its unique terpene profile, potent THC content, and versatile effects. Its euphoric and uplifting high, coupled with its ability to alleviate stress, pain, and insomnia, propelled OG Kush to iconic status within the cannabis community.

Over the years, OG Kush has become a staple in dispensaries and gardens worldwide, revered for its consistency, potency, and therapeutic benefits. Its name has become synonymous with high-quality cannabis, representing a standard of excellence and prestige among growers and consumers alike.

In addition to its recreational and therapeutic uses, OG Kush has also left an indelible mark on popular culture, making numerous appearances in music, film, and television. Hip-hop artists, in particular, have embraced OG Kush in their lyrics, portraying it as a symbol of status, luxury, and indulgence.

Despite its widespread popularity, the true origin of OG Kush remains a subject of speculation and intrigue, adding to its mystique and allure. Whether it emerged from the clandestine gardens of Southern California or was the result of careful breeding and selection, OG Kush’s impact on the world of cannabis is undeniable.

In conclusion, the birth of the OG Kush cannabis strain represents a convergence of genetics, geography, and human ingenuity. Whether it emerged as a chance discovery or a deliberate creation, OG Kush’s journey from obscurity to legendary status serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of cannabis and its ability to captivate and inspire generations of enthusiasts.

Pop Culture

OG Kush has become a staple in pop culture, making numerous appearances in music, film, and television. One notable reference is in the lyrics of hip-hop songs, where OG Kush is often celebrated for its potency and iconic status within the cannabis community. Artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Cypress Hill have alluded to OG Kush in their music, portraying it as a symbol of strength, prestige, and indulgence.

In addition to its presence in music, OG Kush has also been featured in various films and television shows, where its name is synonymous with high-quality cannabis and a laid-back West Coast lifestyle. Whether referenced in lyrics or depicted on screen, OG Kush continues to hold a special place in pop culture, reflecting its enduring popularity and influence in the world of cannabis.

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