Green Crack Cannabis Seeds – Feminized


for a pack of 5 seeds

Green Crack, also known as Green Cush, is a sativa-dominant hybrid renowned for its high THC content, typically ranging from 15% to 25%. Originating from Skunk #1 and an unknown indica strain, Green Crack boasts a distinctive terpene profile featuring notes of citrus, mango, and pine. Its uplifting and energizing effects make it a favorite among recreational users seeking a cerebral buzz and heightened sensory perception.

Indulge in the invigorating and uplifting effects of Green Crack cannabis strain. With its vibrant citrus aroma and potent sativa properties, Green Crack offers a burst of energy and creativity that’s perfect for daytime use. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a creative project or a boost to your mood, Green Crack delivers a euphoric and focused high that’s cherished by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.


5 seeds per pack




Skunk #1 x Afghani

Flowering time

50-60 days / 7-8 weeks


500g/m² / 600g/plant


The birth of the Green Crack cannabis strain is a tale steeped in mystery and intrigue, with conflicting accounts and urban legends surrounding its origins. While the exact lineage of Green Crack remains uncertain, its rise to prominence and widespread popularity within the cannabis community are undisputed.

One prevailing theory suggests that Green Crack traces its roots back to the West Coast of the United States, particularly the state of California. According to this narrative, a cannabis breeder by the name of Cecil C. was responsible for developing the strain in the early 1990s. Cecil C. reportedly crossed an Afghani indica strain with a Skunk #1 phenotype, resulting in the creation of Green Crack.

However, another theory proposes that Green Crack is a phenotype of the renowned sativa strain known as Mango Haze. This theory suggests that Green Crack emerged as a distinct phenotype with its own unique characteristics, including its energetic and uplifting effects, as well as its citrusy aroma and flavor profile.

Regardless of its exact lineage, Green Crack quickly gained traction among cannabis enthusiasts for its potent sativa properties and invigorating effects. Its name, while controversial, reflects its reputation for delivering a burst of energy and mental clarity akin to a “crack” of lightning.

Over the years, Green Crack has become a staple in dispensaries and gardens worldwide, cherished for its ability to provide a focused and euphoric high without inducing sedation or lethargy. Its popularity has only grown with time, as more and more consumers seek out strains that offer a balanced combination of potency and functionality.

In conclusion, the birth of the Green Crack cannabis strain represents a convergence of genetics, ingenuity, and cultural influence. Whether it emerged from the experimentation of a dedicated breeder or the serendipitous discovery of a unique phenotype, Green Crack’s impact on the world of cannabis is undeniable. As it continues to captivate and inspire enthusiasts around the globe, Green Crack remains a testament to the enduring allure and versatility of the cannabis plant.

Pop culture

Green Crack has made notable appearances in popular culture, particularly in the world of music and entertainment. The strain’s name, while controversial, has been embraced by artists and celebrities, who often reference it in their lyrics and interviews. Notable figures like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and B-Real of Cypress Hill have alluded to Green Crack in their music, portraying it as a symbol of creativity, inspiration, and good vibes. Its presence in pop culture reflects its enduring popularity and influence within the cannabis community.

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