Godfather OG Cannabis Seeds – Feminized


for a pack of 5 seeds

Introducing Godfather OG, an elite indica-dominant strain revered for its exceptional THC levels and unparalleled potency. Born from a cross between OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Cherry Pie, this strain showcases a complex terpene profile dominated by myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. With its dense, trichome-covered buds and deep purple hues, Godfather OG exudes luxury and sophistication. Experience the full-body relaxation and sedative effects this strain provides, making it a top choice for those seeking relief from pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Unleash the power of Godfather OG and experience cannabis at its finest.

Indulge in the legendary potency of Godfather OG, a highly coveted indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its powerful effects and distinct aroma. Crafted from the genetics of OG Kush, this strain offers a blissful body high coupled with a euphoric cerebral buzz, perfect for unwinding after a long day or relieving stress. With its dense, resinous buds and pungent aroma reminiscent of pine and earth, Godfather OG delivers a deeply relaxing and tranquil experience that’s sure to leave you feeling like royalty.


5 seeds per pack



Flowering time

7 to 12 weeks


Euphoric, Happy, Sleepy, Relaxed


350 to 500 g per plant

Taste and Smell

Earthy, Pungent, Pine, Spicy

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