Chemdawg Cannabis Seeds – Feminized


for a pack of 5 seeds

Chemdawg, an iconic hybrid strain, boasts a genetic lineage that includes potent landrace strains from Thailand and Nepal. Known for its high THC content and strong cerebral effects, Chemdawg offers users a euphoric and uplifting experience. Its complex terpene profile features dominant notes of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, contributing to its distinct diesel-like aroma and earthy flavor. Ideal for experienced users seeking a powerful and invigorating high, Chemdawg is a staple in the world of cannabis genetics.

Chemdawg, a legendary hybrid strain, is revered for its potent effects and unique flavor profile. With its origins shrouded in mystery, Chemdawg delivers a powerful high characterized by euphoria, creativity, and relaxation. Its diesel-like aroma and earthy undertones tantalize the senses, making it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.


5 seeds per pack




28 ounces per square meter indoors and 28 ounces or more per plant outdoors

Flowering Time

9 weeks


The birth of the Chemdawg cannabis strain is a fascinating tale that begins in the early 1990s and involves clandestine meetings, serendipitous encounters, and a commitment to preserving and sharing exceptional genetics. Revered for its potent effects, unique flavor profile, and influential lineage, Chemdawg has left an indelible mark on the world of cannabis and remains one of the most sought-after strains among enthusiasts and breeders alike.

The story of Chemdawg’s origins is shrouded in mystery, with multiple versions of the tale circulating within the cannabis community. According to one popular legend, Chemdawg’s journey began when a group of friends from Massachusetts acquired a bag of high-quality cannabis at a Grateful Dead concert in 1991. Impressed by the strain’s potency and unique aroma, the friends managed to procure some seeds from the original batch and began growing their own crop.

The resulting plants exhibited exceptional vigor, potency, and terpene profile, leading the group to dub the strain “Chemdawg” in honor of its diesel-like aroma and chemically-charged effects. Chemdawg quickly gained a reputation as a powerhouse strain, known for its intense cerebral high and euphoric effects. As word of its potency spread, demand for Chemdawg soared, and it became a staple in the underground cannabis scene of the 1990s.

Another version of the story suggests that Chemdawg’s origins can be traced back to a chance encounter between two cannabis enthusiasts at a Grateful Dead concert in 1991. According to this version, a grower known as “Chemdog” sold an ounce of top-shelf cannabis to a fellow concert-goer, who later discovered several seeds hidden within the bud. Intrigued by the unique genetics of the strain, the buyer cultivated the seeds and eventually shared the resulting plants with a close-knit group of friends.

Regardless of its exact origins, Chemdawg quickly gained a cult following among cannabis connoisseurs, breeders, and enthusiasts. Its potent effects, robust genetics, and distinctive flavor profile made it a favorite for both recreational and medicinal users seeking relief from a variety of symptoms. Over the years, Chemdawg has served as a cornerstone in the development of countless hybrid strains, each seeking to capture a piece of its legendary potency and character.

Today, Chemdawg remains as influential as ever, with its genetics forming the backbone of many popular cannabis varieties. Its enduring legacy serves as a testament to the power of exceptional genetics, the importance of preserving heritage strains, and the profound impact that a single plant can have on the world of cannabis.

In conclusion, the birth of the Chemdawg cannabis strain represents a pivotal moment in the history of cannabis cultivation, marking the emergence of a true classic that continues to captivate and inspire cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. From its humble beginnings as a bag seed to its status as a legendary powerhouse strain, Chemdawg’s journey serves as a reminder of the boundless potential of the cannabis plant and the enduring allure of exceptional genetics.

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