Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds – Feminized


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Unveil the intricate nuances of Amnesia Haze, a meticulously bred cannabis strain engineered for its exceptional genetic profile and therapeutic potential. Born from a cross between Southeast Asian and Jamaican landraces, this sativa-dominant hybrid boasts a complex terpene profile dominated by terpinolene, myrcene, and pinene. With its high THC content and nuanced effects, Amnesia Haze offers a cerebral boost of creativity and focus, making it ideal for alleviating stress, depression, and fatigue. Dive into the world of cannabis sophistication with Amnesia Haze.

Embark on a journey of euphoria with Amnesia Haze, a legendary cannabis strain renowned for its potent effects and uplifting qualities. Crafted from a blend of South Asian and Jamaican landrace genetics, this sativa-dominant hybrid offers a burst of creativity and energy, perfect for sparking inspiration or enhancing productivity. With its zesty citrus aroma and earthy undertones, Amnesia Haze delivers a smooth and invigorating smoking experience that’s sure to leave you feeling blissful and uplifted.


5 seeds per pack




Indoors 350 – 400 g./ m2 Outdoors: 120-175 g./plant

Flowering Period

10-12 weeks/late October


The birth of the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain is a fascinating story that traces its roots back to the Netherlands, where a group of dedicated breeders sought to create a hybrid that combined the best qualities of several legendary landrace strains. Renowned for its potent effects, uplifting high, and unique flavor profile, Amnesia Haze has become a staple in the cannabis community and a favorite among recreational and medicinal users alike. Let’s explore the captivating tale behind the birth of this iconic strain and its enduring legacy in the world of cannabis.

Amnesia Haze first emerged in the early 2000s, during a period of intense experimentation and innovation within the Dutch cannabis breeding scene. Inspired by the success of strains like Haze and Skunk, a group of breeders set out to create a hybrid that would capture the best traits of both parent strains while offering something new and exciting to consumers.

The journey to create Amnesia Haze began with the careful selection of parent plants, each chosen for its unique characteristics and genetic traits. The breeders crossed a Haze strain, known for its uplifting and cerebral effects, with a selection of landrace strains from Jamaica, Thailand, and Cambodia, renowned for their potency and exotic flavors. After several rounds of selective breeding and backcrossing, the result was a hybrid with a complex terpene profile, potent effects, and a distinctively uplifting high.

The name “Amnesia Haze” was inspired by the strain’s tendency to induce temporary memory loss or short-term amnesia, a common side effect reported by users. Despite its forgetful nature, Amnesia Haze quickly gained a reputation for its potent effects and energizing high, making it a favorite among creative types and daytime users looking for a boost of inspiration and motivation.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Amnesia Haze is its unique flavor profile, which combines earthy, citrus, and spicy notes with hints of pine and incense. This complex terpene profile, combined with its potent effects, has made Amnesia Haze a favorite among connoisseurs and enthusiasts seeking a truly exceptional cannabis experience.

In addition to its recreational appeal, Amnesia Haze has also earned recognition for its therapeutic benefits. Many users report that Amnesia Haze can provide relief from a variety of symptoms, including stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Its uplifting and mood-enhancing effects make it particularly well-suited for daytime use or social situations.

Since its introduction, Amnesia Haze has become a mainstay in coffee shops and dispensaries around the world, beloved for its potent effects, unique flavor profile, and legendary status within the cannabis community. Its influence can be seen in the genetics of countless hybrids and crosses, each seeking to capture a piece of Amnesia Haze’s magic and mystique.

In conclusion, the birth of the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain represents a triumph of breeding and innovation, resulting in the creation of a true classic that continues to captivate and inspire cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. From its origins in the Netherlands to its global renown as a symbol of quality and excellence, Amnesia Haze stands as a testament to the enduring power and beauty of the cannabis plant.

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