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Purple Haze strain review! Learn all about Purple Haze weed!

The Purple Haze strain became world-renowned when Jimi Hendrix devoted a song to it in 1967.

Purple Haze weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sativa / indica ratio of about 70% sativa / 30% indica. The Purple Haze strain will literally have you floating on “purple clouds”, and your  enthusiastic, upbeat feeling will remain throughout the day.

Purple Haze weed is relatively strong with TCH content of about 20%. CBD levels of approximately 0.1% ensure medicinal properties that are successful in treating numerous conditions.

Purple Haze weed has a strong aromatic presence, with fruity notes. The Purple Haze strain is very easy to grow and is excellent for newbies growers. Purple Haze weed plants are hardy and disease-resistant, making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor marijuana growing.

Purple Haze strain images

Purple Haze strain infographic

Here’s an infographic that provides an overview of the Purple Haze strain.

Purple Haze strain infographic

Purple Haze strain growing information

Purple Haze weed is easy to grow and a great cannabis strain for first-time growers. This is a hardy strain that is relatively immune to disease and infestation.

The Purple Haze strain produces plants of average height, but compared to other sativa-dominant strains, they are relatively tall. The plants reach heights of 30 to 35 inches.

Purple Haze weed plants have bright green leaves, covered in bright orange hairs and are quite beautiful. The dense, sticky buds are an awesome purple and are coated with loads of thick trichomes.

Outdoors, the Purple Haze strain will flourish in most climates, but expert growers recommend a Mediterranean, sunny and warm climate. If there is plenty of sunshine, you can expect high yields of about 14 ounces per plant. Harvest time will be around late October.

When growing Purple Haze weed indoors, you can expect yields of about 19 ounces per m². Flowering time is about 9-10 weeks.

Purple Haze strain origins

No one really knows the precise origins of the Purple Haze strain and they are quite controversial. Many experts believe that Purple Haze weed comes from the parent strains, Haze and Purple Thai.

There is, however, no doubt about how Purple Haze weed became famous. In 1967, rock star and weed lover, Jimi Hendrix, named the famous song “Purple Haze” after the  vibrant lavender-colored hues of this marijuana stain.

Purple Haze strain effects

This is a potent, uplifting marijuana strain. It provides an euphoria that carries you all the way back to the hippie life of Woodstock in the 60s. If a psychedelic technicolor state is what you\’re after, the Purple Haze strain is definitely worth a try.

Purple Haze weed is a favorite for good reason. It will elevate your mood and keep you cheerful. You can expect a truly positive experience from the Purple Haze strain. Bursts of irrepressible giggles are par for the course. You will feel elated and well able to enjoy a night out on the town.

Purple Haze weed provides a lasting, lively buzz, with an easy, mellow come down. You will experience a full body high, with a psychedelic soaring effect, but no couch lock. When the indica-dominant high sets in, you will find yourself in a reflective state, while feeling relaxed, satisfied and full awakened.

The Purple Haze strain promotes energy and stimulates. You will feel friendly and sociable, even if naturally shy.

Purple Haze weed also enhances creativity and focus, and can help you get it all done. .

Possible adverse effects of Purple Haze weed

The Purple Haze strain has no serious adverse effects.

Users have reported dry mouth and dry eyes, but this is quite common for most strains. It probably results from dehydration, more than from the strain itself. Remember to drink enough water to keep hydrated. Over-the-counter eye drops can keep your eyes moist.

There have also been reports of users suffering paranoia, anxiety, dizziness and headaches, but they few and far between. These adverse effects could just as well be caused by over consumption.

Flavor, taste and aroma of the Purple Haze strain

This marijuana strain has a great flavor. Purple Haze weed has a mixture of earthy and sweet flavors, with sharp spicey and berry undertones.

The Purple Haze strain\’s aroma is filled with a strong, rich, earthy smell, much like that of freshly picked blueberries. If you love a sweet, spicy, blueberry fruit aroma, you will definitely also love the aroma of Purple Haze weed.

With an awesome smell to match its awesome flavor, Purple Haze weed is just full of goodness. While toking you will appreciate the combination of sweetness and spice, and the grape aftertaste will linger for some time.

Medical uses of Purple Haze weed

The Purple Haze strain is an outstanding medical cannabis choice.

Purple Haze weed can efficiently manage mood swings, by smoothing out the highs and lows. It is also great for other mood-related disorders like depression, anxiety and stress. Patients feel uplifted, calm and relaxed, with none of the negative side effects of prescription drugs.

The strain is also used for sleep-related disorders like insomnia, and allows patients to get a good night’s rest.

Purple Haze stimulates the appetite which has wonderful benefits for cancer patients suffering chronic nausea and fighting the effects of chemo and radiation. They are finally able to eat when the Purple Haze strain brings on a case of the munchies.

Purple Haze weed is also used to successfully treat chronic pain, including joint pain, muscle spasm, migraines, headaches and cramps.

Purple Haze weed seed customer reviews

The Purple Haze strain has received great reviews on ILGM. 80% of 118 users give the strain a 5 star rating. Here is what a few happy customers had to say:

  • Michael D. United States Delivery was right under a week couldn\’t believe how fast they arrived I germinated 4 seeds out of 10 and all 4 sprouted within 24 hours ill let u guys knw wen i germinate the rest of the seeds I’m very satisfied with ILGM so far. will order again some time in the future…
  • Barry C. United States Ready, set, grow! So far so good, decent delivery time, just started germinating today so we will see. Thinking about signing up for the school. A lot of good information available
  • Peter D. United States Purple haze I\’m a beginner at grow. The seeds showed up earlier than expected. Germination went perfect. Planted, then they were up within 3 day. Everything’s great so far.
  • Charles S. United States Fast shipping and quality seeds The seeds arrived well before the date they said. Planted 5 seeds all germinated and are nice little sprouts. Can\’t wait to watch them grow and see how they turn out.
  • Anonymous United States My experience with you was was excellent. Seeds are fresh and every single one of them are doing great.germinated in 24hrs and planted after 5 days.cant wait until these girls grow up.thank you for your incredible service and products.shipping was excellent as well.
  • colared Jacksonville, fl The Truth I bought a pack of purple haze and a pack of strawberry kush. 100% germination. Had to chop 10 days early due to annoying neighbors. Purple haze knocked me on my ***, and I have been smoking for almost 30 years. Strawberry kush is strong, but I was able to do the same **** I do on blue dream. Yields were even above average. I have been growing for about 10 years, so you may not get the same result as a beginner.
  • Michael Lilly US doing fantastic at 8 weeks this is my first grow at 8 weeks and I couldn\’t be happier. Seeds sprouted on the second day and it looks like I\’ll be all set in a couple more months :) And I was amazed how fast it got here (less than a week).

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