Kind LED XL1000 LED Grow Light

Kind LED XL1000 LED Grow Light Review

The XL1000 LED grow light from Kind LED is one amongst 2 revolutionary lights from their new K5 series.

The KIND LED K5 XL1000 covers a 5\’ x 5\’ (25 sq ft) space and replaces a thousand watt HPS setup, whereas solely drawing 650 watts. The K5 series options a customizable spectrum, eight light-weight stages, and inbuilt temporal arrangement for full management over your valuable grow.


WHY is that the K5 XL1000 one of the most effective LED GROW light ON THE MARKET?

  • The perfect mixture of three watt and five watt diodes produce the perfect quantity of sunshine for your plants. five watt LED diodes are nice, as a result of they emit associate degree intense quantity of sunshine and have the power to penetrate the plants cover. But, too several five watt LED chips can cause a lightweight will run very popular, doing away with one amongst the most advantages of LED lights. The K5 series lights have the most effective of each worlds. The ‘sweet spot’ potency of three watt LED chips, mixed with the harvest boosting power of five watt LED chips. Check out some others of our best LED grow lights.
  • Fully customizable spectrum permits you to not solely change the spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of their plants, however conjointly permits for specific spectrum management for nearly any form of genus in applications like greenhouse growing and in agriculture operations wherever crop rotation is common.
  • 8 stage “mother earth” perform permits you to mimic the good outdoors like ne\’er before seen in indoor growing, slowly waking your plants up within the morning and seeing them to bed nightly. eight severally set stages allow light-weight to carefully activate within the ‘morning’ (sunrise), intensify into full power (full day sun), then gently off within the ‘evening’ (sunset). every of those stages will be set to the user’s desired period and desired spectrum intensities.
  • Internal temporal arrangement perform of the K5 series lights permits for additional contour setups wherever the user will to try and do away with separate analog or digital timers which will be large and intensely unreliable. Now, all light-weight cycles are programmed and adjusted from a convenient remote
  • Remote Control: however do most LED firms assume individuals are ready to flip associate degree analog switch or knob to manage spectrum or switch between modes on their lights after they are within the middle of a grow and their light(s) are hanging higher than an enormous cover of delicate plants!! Kind LED grow lights are totally controlled from a convenient hand-held remote. management one or one hundred at the same time from one little device.
  • Extra large footprint solves one amongst the most issues that LED lights have round-faced within the past. thanks to traditionally little footprints, because of little circuit card construction, LED lights have continually did not deliver the finished harvest weights secure compared to their aforesaid HPS counterparts. actually lit sq. footage of cover house could be a terribly crucial element to overall harvest weight. Now, with true footprint replacements for 750 and a thousand HPS, harvest weights are faithful specification.
  • True to specification harvest expectations. once Kind LED says the XL750 replaces 750 watts of HPS power and also the XL1000 replaces a a thousand watt HPS, they mean it. No LED grow light-weight that solely attracts 350 watts goes to switch a a thousand watt HPS, period. Kind LED makes affordable claims. they need found, through intensive testing and analysis, that a 30-40% savings in electricity is what you\’ll be able to expect from these lights. Kind LED\’s a thousand watt equivalent light-weight attracts concerning 650 watts or concerning sixtieth of what a a thousand watt HPS would sometimes pull. however that’s simply the light!! Add up all the opposite savings in instrumentality required for warmth management during a ancient HPS area, and also the energy savings are exceptional.
  • Kind LED lights use PWM (Pulse dimension Modulation) dimming. Some lights use archaic strategies of dimming that solely reduce the brightness of the sunshine being emitted whereas still pull the identical quantity of energy out of the wall. PWM dimming permits the sunshine to solely consume the maximum amount power because it must drive the diodes at their set level of brightness.
  • Sexy, sleek style. Man, there are some ugly LED lights out there. perform over fashion could be a should in lighting, however Kind LED has each. simple to hold, simple to carry, sturdy construction.
  • Kind to you. Kind to your plants. Kind to the atmosphere.




  • Model/SKU: K5 XL1000/kindxl1000
  • Wattage draw: 650 watts
  • LEDs: 320 x 3 watt and 5 watt LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan
  • HID equivalent: 1000 watts
  • Spectrum: Multiple; 12 band spectrum; for vegetative growth and flowering
  • Lens angle: Secondary 60 degree optical lens (magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration by 200%)
  • Thermal management: 8 x internal cooling fans; Thick, heavy-duty, 2cm aluminum heatsinks
  • Coverage area:
    • Veg: 25 sq ft
    • Flower: 16-25 sq ft
  • Operating/input voltage: 100v-240v AC; 5.25A
  • Daisy chain: No
  • Dimensions: 26.0”x 20.0”x 3.5”
  • Operating temperature: Avoid extreme ambient heat
  • Product weight: 36.0 lbs
  • Product includes: Power supply; Hangers
  • Heat Output: 2100 BTUs
  • Recommended for: Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
  • Manufacturer\’s Warranty: 3 years
  • Additional details: UL certified, UL standard output voltage; Less than 76v DC; Discreet shipping; Can operate efficiently in 99% humidity; Can run 8-10 lights in a sealed room without needing an A
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