General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete review

General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete by Hydrofarm gets our vote as the best budget marijuana hydroponic system. This system is suitable for growing one weed plant. 

This is a quality marijuana hydroponic system that is ideally priced for the first-time marijuana hydroponics grower. 

Each General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete kit includes a grow pot, watering system, nutrients and growing medium. More specifically:

  • General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete - marijuana hydroponic systemHydroton clay pebbles.
  • Flora Series nutrients
  • 4 gal reservoir
  • 2 gal growing chamber
  • Elite 800 air pump
  • Drip ring assembly
  • DLT clip
  • Air line (clear tubing)
  • Pumping column and support tube
  • Drain-level tube

General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete- marijuana hydroponic systemThe General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete is a modular system, which means you can add new units at any stage. 

The WaterFarm Complete is sturdy and strong: it’s built from high impact plastic to ensure durability.

The square design ensures there is no wasted space in your marijuana grow area. You can pack modules closely together and grow the maximum of number of plants for your floor area. 

This budget marijuana hydroponic system is suitable for small, medium and large plants. It is perfect to grow a single marijuana plant. 

The WaterFarm Complete has a large water capacity, but low water requirements

The General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete is the perfect marijuana hydroponics system for the novice weed grower on a budget. It is priced at $55.75 on Amazon.

General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete - marijuana hydroponic systemThis is one of the most popular hydroponics systems on Amazon. Verified reviewers give it 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Here’s what two happy users who rated it 5 out of 5 had to say:
  • “Amazing how quickly things grow.”
  • “Amazing how quickly things grow. Amazing, amazing, amazing.”


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