Best online marijuana seed bank! Where to buy marijuana seeds online!

Purchasing from a cannabis seed bank is the best way to buy marijuana seeds online.

Although buying marijuana seeds from a marijuana seed bank may feel a bit daunting, it is a far better and safer option than trying to source weed seeds locally. You don\’t want to expose yourself to physical and financial risk, when the safer option of an online marijuana seed bank is available from the comfort of your office.

Buying marijuana seeds online is only safe if you can fully trust the marijuana seed bank. The recommended marijuana seed banks in this article have been tried and tested by thousands of online buyers. You can benefit from their experience. We have done extensive research and only recommend three trusted marijuana seed banks to our readers.

Seed quality is paramount when choosing an online marijuana seed bank

When evaluating a online marijuana seed bank, seed quality has got to take top priority. Rather pay a little more for your cannabis seeds, than risk it all. Buying marijuana seeds is only a part of your growing costs, but it makes all the difference to your results and harvest.
The price of bad quality marijuana seeds is a lot higher than the marijuana seed price tag. If your seeds fail to germinate, produce too many female marijuana plants, or your harvest fails or disappoints, the real cost can be enormous – and a whole lot more than the cost of buying marijuana seeds online. When you add your labor costs and the psychological cost of failure, bad quality marijuana seeds become very, very expensive indeed.

Trusted genetics go hand in hand with marijuana seed quality

Another thing to look out for when buying marijuana seeds online, is the genetics of the marijuana seeds you are buying.
A good marijuana seed bank is transparent about the source, origins and heritage of the marijuana seed genetics.
A trusted marijuana seed bank will offer full and complete seed strain descriptions, that are rich with information. The genetic information has to be reliable because it is all you to guide you in raising and harvesting your marijuana plants. Be on the look out for exaggerations and hype – remember the old adage – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Features of a good online marijuana seed bank

When doing research for the best marijuana seed bank, we go beyond the hype and look at all sources to come up with a balanced view of the best marijuana seed banks out there.

We recommend only three marijuana seed banks. You can buy marijuana seeds with the utmost confidence from any of our recommended marijuana seed banks.

The marijuana seed banks we recommend:

  • Allow your to buy marijuana seeds of superior quality.
  • Allow you to buy marijuana seeds at affordable and competitive prices.
  • Ship marijuana seeds worldwide, including the USA.
  • Offer stealth and discretion to their online marijuana seed bank customers.
  • Offer additional benefits, in the form of discounts, rewards and freebies, when you buy your marijuana seeds online.
  • Are reliable and consistent, and provide a safe experience when you buy marijuana seeds online.
  • Are reputable and offer superior customer service.

When evaluating a marijuana seed bank we also look at other advantages like:

  • Free shipping.
  • Guaranteed delivery: Many good marijuana seed banks will guarantee replacement marijuana seeds, if your order does not arrive for whatever reason.
  • Guaranteed germination: Some leading marijuana seed banks guarantee that their seeds will germinate.
  • Customer support: After sales service is everything, especially for the novice marijuana grower. All recommended marijuana seed banks offer good support to marijuana seed buyers.
  • Payment methods: A good marijuana seed bank should offer a variety of payment methods (including Bitcoin). Depending on the legalities of where you are, anonymity and stealth may be of the utmost importance.

List of the best online marijuana seed banks

Here is our list of the best online marijuana seed banks.

Best overall online marijuana seed bank – ILGM

The ILGM marijuana seed bank is our second choice for our choice of the best online marijuana seed bank.

ILGM is based in the Netherlands and run by seasoned marijuana grower, Robert Bergman. He has years of experience growing marijuana and developing marijuana strains.

ILGM is a reputable marijuana seed bank that ships high quality, yet affordable, marijuana seeds to many countries. They are based in the marijuana capital – Amsterdam.

ILGM highlights

  • High quality: Thousands of users worldwide report that you can buy marijuana seeds of the finest quality from ILGM.
  • Guaranteed germination: ILGM offers a germination guarantee when you buy marijuana seeds online from them. If your seeds fail to germinate, this online marijuana seed bank will resend or replace them.
  • Reasonable prices: ILGM is a seed bank where you can buy marijuana seeds online at very affordable prices, especially when you factor in freebies, promotions and free shipping.
  • Free shipping: ILGM offers free shipping in Europe and to the USA. They also ship to Australia and New Zealand at low rates.
  • Range: ILFM offers a wide range of marijuana seeds. There is something for everyone. They also have value packs for beginners and experienced growers that include everything you need.
  • Payment methods: You can pay by cash, bank transfer, credit card or Bitcoin.
  • Guaranteed delivery: They pack your marijuana seeds so discretely that they are prepared to replace your seeds if they are seized or go astray.

Second best overall marijuana seed bank – Seedsman 

Seedsman is our top choice. We consider Seedsman to be the best overall marijuana seedbank.

Seedsman is located in the United Kingdom and ships a huge variety of marijuana strains worldwide. Ironically, marijuana is not legal there, but selling seeds is :).

Seedsman highlights

  • Top quality: In addition to their own marijuana seeds, Seedsman carry marijuana seeds bred by reputable seed banks and breeders. Their marijuana seeds are top quality.
  • Huge selection: Seedsmans offers a huge selection of marijuana seeds. Because they represent third-party marijuana seed banks and breeders, there is always a lot of choice. They make it easy to find a marijuana strain that is perfect for your needs and grow space. Use their seed selector to hone in of the perfect marijuana seed for you.
  • Promotions: Seedsman always have great promotions on offer. Be it free marijuana seeds, free shipping or promotional discounts, there is always something to be gained.
  • Loyalty program: They are one of the few online seed banks that offers a loyalty program. You can accumulate points to spend on later purchases.
  • Guaranteed delivery: If you choose their Guaranteed Delivery option during the checkout process, you are guaranteed delivery no matter what. This is a stealth shipping option for buyers who require the utmost discretion.
  • Discreet shipping: Seedsman has a number of discreet shipping precautions that vastly decrease the probability of the seizure of international shipments. They use plain packaging, omit their company name and any reference to marijuana.
  • Reputation: Seedsman has a stellar reputation and is considered one of the most trustworthy marijuana seed banks. You can buy marijuana seeds online with confidence from Seedsman and there are literally 1000s of happy customers who have reviewed their products and services.
  • Payment options: Seedsman accepts a wide variety of payment options, including  bank transfer, cash, credit and cards, checks, postal orders, money orders and cryptocurrencies. We recommend their Bitcoin option that ensures anonymity and includes additional discounts.

HIghly recommended online marijuana seed bank – MSNL

Marijuana Seeds nl or MSNL is our third choice as the best online marijuana seed bank.
This is the original online marijuana seed bank. It was founded in 1999 by a marijuana geneticist.
MSNL has a well-deserved reputation as a company that delivers as promised.

Marijuana Seeds nl ships top-quality marijuana seeds worldwide and gives away free seeds with every order. They are based in the UK and import their seeds from top breeders in Holland. Many of their marijuana strains have won awards.

MSNL has thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.

MSNL highlights

  • Quality: You can buy marijuana seeds online from MSNL that are of the very best quality. Their cannabis seed genetics have been perfected over many years and many have won awards.
  • Range: You can choose from an extensive range when buying marijuana seeds online from Marijuana Seeds nl.
  • Pricing: When compared to other online marijuana seed banks, the prices on MSNL are very competitive. Their seeds are affordable because the buy in bulk from hand-picked marijuana breeders in Holland and transfer the saving to their customers.
  • Free seeds: MSNL gives away 5 to 10 marijuana seed for free with every online order. This is a wonderful way to test new marijuana stains without breaking the bank,
  • Value packs: They offer value packs that include a top marijuana strains at discounted prices.
  • Rewards program: Marijuana Seeds nl has a rewards program that allows you to accumulate 3 points for every £1 spent. There are no limits on points or redemption. This can equate to huge savings over time.
  • Shipping options: They offer three shipping options that vary depending of the degree of secrecy and discretion you prefer.
  • Free shipping: On larger orders, free and discounted shipping is available.
  • Guaranteed delivery: The Stealth Guaranteed shipping option includes a delivery guarantee and ensures that you will receive your marijuana seeds. If your seeds are seized or fail to arrive, they will resend them.
  • Strain guide: MSNL has a useful strain guide allows you to find suitable seed based on a number of varied criteria. This is a great tool when you know what the outcome should be buy aren\’t sure of the best marijuana strain to buy.
  • Multiple payment methods: They offer multiple payments methods including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, cash, international money orders and Bitcoin.
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