Best marijuana grow tent 2018

A marijuana grow tent makes growing marijuana indoors a lot simpler.

The beauty of a marijuana grow tent is that it allows you to create an optimum marijuana growing environment with ease.

When the lights are on in a marijuana grow tent, the reflective walls spread the light completely over your marijuana plants. And when the lights are off in a marijuana grow tent, the darkness is complete, allowing your marijuana plants to rest. This insulated and perfect environment is hard to replicate without a marijuana grow tent.

Marijuana growers frequently struggle to create consistent environmental conditions for their marijuana plants to develop in. Consistency is key, and marijuana plants need very specific growing conditions. You need to get the ventilation, lighting, watering, temperature and humidity just right to be a successful indoor marijuana grower. A marijuana grow tents makes this easier because you have far greater control than in a room or more open area.

If you cannot allocate a closed or easy to regulate area for your indoor marijuana grow, your yield and quality may well suffer at harvest time, because you were not able to maintain a consistent environment for your cannabis plants. Marijuana grow tents are the perfect solution for this challenge.

While a marijuana grow tent may be a large initial expense, it will pay for itself over and over in time. Buying a marijuana grow tent is a specially good investment if you plan to grow cannabis for a long time to come.

Most marijuana grow tents are simple to set up and take down. They are also lightweight and can be relocated easily.

The one possible downside to buying a marijuana grow tent is that you could outgrow it very quickly. For this reason we recommend that you purchase a marijuana grow tent that is a little larger than your current requirements. This way when your big harvest arrives, you’ll be ready.

Advantages of a marijuana grow tent

Best marijuana grow tents - marijuana grow in tentA marijuana grow tent helps to create the ideal environment or ecosystem for your cannabis plants.

The ability to control the environment and the superb lighting conditions created by the reflective material make growing marijuana just a little bit easier.

Here are the main advantages of marijuana grow tents:

  • Ease of use: Marijuana grow tents are easy to set up, use and maintain. Tents come with simple assembly instructions. With a marijuana grow tent you can literally be up and running in an afternoon.
  • Discretion: If you are a stealth grower, a marijuana grow tent is the way to go. The tent keeps in smells and light. It is unobtrusive and does not attract attention, so you can tuck it in a corner away from prying eyes.
  • Inexpensive: Marijuana grow tents a relatively cheap. When you consider all the hassle they prevent, they are well worth the price tag. You can buy cheap marijuana grow tents for as little as $45, and good quality small marijuana tents for $70 to $150. If you were to try and replicate the characteristics of marijuana grow tent in an indoor space, the reflective material alone could cost a lot more than the price of a pre-made marijuana grow tent.
  • Continuous growing: Using marijuana grow tents, you can grow marijuana continuously by creating more than one isolated growing environment. You could, for example, have one vegetative and one flowering environment that are managed separately for continual growing.
  • Controlled environment: A marijuana grow tent allows you to completely and easily control the growing environment of your marijuana plants. You can, for example, keep your plants warm even if the marijuana grow tent is in a cold basement. When your lights are off, your plants enjoy complete dark, and when on, your plants benefit from more light from the reflective material.
  • Pest control: Pest and insect infestations are less likely with a marijuana grow tent. Because your cannabis grow space is tightly controlled, your plants are protected from pests, as well as children, pets and household toxins.

A marijuana grow tent creates a perfect growing environment

Best marijuana grow tents - weed in grow tentIf you use your marijuana grow tent correctly, you can recreate nature – only better!

Using a marijuana grow tent makes a perfect growing environment for both you and your cannabis plants.

The hardest part of growing marijuana is probably getting set up. Once you are up and running it is a matter of planting, watering, caring for and harvesting your cannabis.

For the simplest cannabis grow set up, all you need is a grow tent, exhaust fan and a grow light, and you’re ready to start. But you can take it a whole lot further.

Using a marijuana grow tent takes a lot of the pain out of the set up process. Marijuana grow tents take care of a whole lot of environmental factors in one go:

  • Light: A marijuana grow tent maximizes your grow lights. The reflective material that lines the walls ensures that your weed plants receive maximum light exposure.
  • Equipment: Marijuana grow tents are designed to accommodate common growing equipment such as grow lights, ventilation systems and ports. The design of the marijuana grow tent make it easy to hang your lights and set up your fan, for example.
  • Light proof: Marijuana grow tents are light proof. The tent prevents light leaking in and out. Weed plants flourish and produce many buds when they are in complete darkness at night. A grow tent also stops light escaping and possibly alerting someone to the existence of your cannabis grow.
  • Ventilation: Marijuana grow tents have vents and airports. This, combined with the fact that the tent is sealed, makes it easy so set up ideal air flow. Simply install an exhaust fan in a provided port and fresh air will circulate throughout the tent from the intake vents near the floor. Your plants receive all the CO2 they need and heat buildup problems are prevented.
  • Easy maintenance: Marijuana grow tents are easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe down the walls to keep your grow environment spotless. Marijuana grow tents typically have a waterproof floor that contains spills and prevent leakage.
  • Odorless: Most marijuana grow tents are designed to accommodate a carbon filter. The negative air pressure in the tent, coupled with the carbon filter, contains odors so long as the exhaust fan is on.

Best marijuana grow tent on the market

There are literally thousands of marijuana grow tents on the market. Making the best buying decision for your cannabis grow is not easy.

Below we have listed our top 5 picks for the best marijuana grow tents on the market today.

Each of the chosen brands or series offers grow tents in multiple sizes, and varying features.

Whether you are on a tight budget or aiming to grow marijuana professionally, you’ll find a tent to suit your needs.

1. Apollo grow tent

Best marijuana grow tent - apollo grow tents The Apollo Horticulture grow tent range is our no. 1 pick for best marijuana grow tent on the market.

Apollo Horticulture is a leading hydroponic manufacturer with a sterling reputation.

Apollo grow tents come in multiple sizes, so there is a Apollo marijuana grow tent for everyone. Apollo models: 36 x 20 x 62″, 36 x 36 x 72″, 48 x 24 x 60″, 48 x 48 x 80″ (#1 Best Seller), 60 x 60 x 80″,  77 x 77 x 77″ and 96 x 48 x 80″, are priced from $70 to $210.

There are thousands of happy growers on Amazon who have taken the time to review the Apollo grow tents. All Apollo models have a rating of more than 4.3 out of 5 stars, with most earning a 4.4 rating.


  • Best marijuana grow tents -Apollo grow tents-features Apollo grow tents are made from thick, tear-proof material and are hardy and durable.
  • They are reinforced by metal poles to ensure security and stability.
  • The tents have a black outer layer that absorbs light and a highly reflective mylar inner layer to increase grow light intensity.
  • The grow tents are equipped with a removable mylar floor tray.
  • Double duct port enclosures are provided for easy installation of a ventilation system.
  • The tents are double-stitched and have heavy duty zippers to ensure that no light escapes or penetrates when the zippers are shut.
  • Larger tents have multiple entry points on all sides, and different size openings. This helps to retain heat and humidity when peeking at your marijuana plants.
  • Apollo tents are easy to assemble and full instructions are provided.
  • All Apollo tents are backed by a 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

2. VivoSun grow tent

Best marijuana grow tents - VivoSun grow tentsThe VivoSun grow tent range is our 2nd pick for the best marijuana grow tent on the market.

VivoSun grow tents are superb quality and very durable. Any of the tents in the range should last you for years.

VivoSun tents have all the standard features you expect from a good marijuana grow tent, plus a few extras for strength and convenience.

VivoSun tents come in five sizes to fit any grower’s needs: 36 x 36 x 72″, 48 x 24 x 60″, 48 x 48 x 80″ (Amazon Choice), 60 x 60 x 80” and 96 x 48 x 80″. VivoSun grow tents are priced between $80 to $240.

All models have received overall excellent reviews of more than 4.1 out of 5 from Amazon buyers. The 60 x 60 x 80″ tops the list at 4.5 and the 48 x 48 80″ model is an Amazon Choice selection.

Best marijuana grow tents - VivoSun grow tents - featuresFeatures:

  • VivoSun grow tents are light proof. Light cannot penetrate or escape from the tent.
  • The interior has a 95%-reflective mylar lining that gives an energy and efficiency boost to your grow lights.
  • VivoSun grow tents are made from top-quality, extra-thick canvas. The 600D material is tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking and durability.
  • The grow tent stands solidly and is supported by strong steel tubing. The frame is specially finished to ensure smooth installation and safe handling.
  • The high-quality, heavy-duty metal zipper, are the best on the market.
  • The built-in, clear plastic observation window makes it easy to peek at your grow without disrupting conditions.
  • Dual-ventilation socks are provided for easy installation of ventilation.
  • The tents have hanging bars across the top for your lights, ballasts, fans, and more.
  • VivoSun grow tents are easy to install and no tools are needed.
  • The product is backed by a 2 year warranty.

3. Milliard grow tent

Best marijuana grow tents - Miliard grow tentsThe Milliard Horticulture grow tent range is our 3rd pick for best marijuana grow tent.

Milliard grow tents only come in relatively small sizes and cater to hobbyist growers. Milliard tents are extremely well constructed and have a few very cool added features.

Milliard grow tents come in three sizes: 30 x 18 x 36″, 36 x 36 x 72″ or 48 x 24 x 60″ and are reasonably priced from $64 to $85.

There are a lot of happy Amazon reviewers who rate all three products more that 4.2 out of 5.

Best marijuana grow tents - Milliard D style grow tentThe Milliard range was completely redesigned a few years back in response to customer feedback.


  • Milliard tents have sturdy metal framing, with 3 heavy-duty support bars.
  • The interior is lined with highly-reflective material for maximized light and heat control.
  • The tents have strong metal rings to easily hang your lights and other accessories.
  • The double-zipper flaps and double-enforced seams prevent light leaks. The zippers are reinforced and durable.
  • Milliard grow tents have multiple intake/exhaust ports to improve vapor and moisture control. The ports allow you to implement ductwork, fans, filters and electric appliances.
  • The tent is easy to assemble and has connectors with push locking. There is no no need for tools.
  • The tent is simple to clean and features a removable reflective waterproof floor pan.
  • The see-thru observation window allows you to check your plants without disturbing conditions in the grow tent.
  • The large zippered door allows you to set up your plants and growing equipment with ease. 

4. iPower grow tent

Best marijuana grow tent -iPower grow tents The iPower grow tent series is our 4th pick for best marijuana grow tent on the market.

iPower grow tents are top-selling grow tents online for very good reason. Over 750 reviewers on Amazon have rated this grow tent series 4.3 out of 5. These tents hold there own with the best on the market and are a great choice for your indoor grow area.

iPower is a leading grow light manufacturer who have been supplying gardeners worldwide for over a decade.

iPower grow tents come in a multitude of sizes and are priced from $70 and $180. There is sure to be an iPower tent to fit your grow space. Tent sizes: 32 X 32 X 63″, 36 X 20 X 62″, 36 X 36 X 72″, 48 X 24 X 60″, 48 X 48 X 80″, 60 X 60 X 80″, 96 X 48 X 80″.


  • Best marijuana grow tents -iPower features iPower grow tents are 100% light proof. Large, heavy duty zippers and double stitching prevent light leakage and ensure durability and long-term use.
  • iPower tents are extremely tough, durable, stable and sturdy.  They are made from a thick, tear-proof tent material and reinforced by heavy-duty steel poles that can handle 110 lbs minimum. The frame is specially finished to ensure smooth installation and safe handling. 
  • All iPower tents have a water-resistant, removable mylar floor tray for easy cleaning. 
  • The mylar interior is 95% reflective and redirects up to 97% of the light back on to your marijuana plants. This increases your yield without adding to your electricity bill.
  • The large zippered door allows you to set up your plants and growing equipment with ease.
  • The double-duct port enclosures are built-in to connect ventilation and prevent light escaping.
  • The tents are easy to assemble and set up.
  • The product is backed by a 1 year warranty.
  • This is an ideal grow tent to keep your grow contained, prevent odors from leaking out and pests from getting in.

5. Hydroplanet grow tent

Best marijuana grow tents -Hydroplanet grow tents The Hydroplanet grow tent range gets our vote for the 5th best marijuana grow tent.

Hydroplanet grow tents are stylish with a solid black, heat-retaining exterior and reflective, mylar interior.

There are a lot of happy customers out there and Amazon reviewers rate the tents in this range at 4.4 out of 5.0.

These tents are environment friendly because the materials used do not contain PVC that releases a chlorine-based gas that is toxic for the environment.

Hydroplanet grow tents come in 6 sizes are are very reasonably priced from $78 to $160. Sizes: 48 X 24 X 60″, 36 X 36 X 72″, 48 X 48 X 80″, 60 X 31 X 80″, 60 X 60 X 80″, 96 X 48 X 80″


  • Best marijuana grow tents -Hydroplanet features Hydroplanet grow tents are hardy and durable.
  • The tents are made from 100% reflective, tear-proof mylar.
  • All models feature a see-thru viewing window that allows you to peek at your plants without disturbing conditions.
  • The tents are easy and quick to assemble and clean.
  • Hydroplanet grow tents are water-proof, and washable inside and out, for easy maintenance.
  • The tents are supported by heavy duty tubing to hang your lights and other heavy equipment.
  • The zippered door provides easy access to the grow tent interior.
  • The double-duct port enclosures are built-in to connect to your ventilation and prevent light escaping.
  • Hydroplanet grow tents are backed by a 2 year warranty.

We trust you have found the ideal marijuana grow tent and wish you happy marijuana growing!

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