AutoPot 4 pot gravity-fed watering system review

The AutoPot 4 pot gravity-fed watering system gets our vote for the best dual-medium marijuana hydroponic system.

The AutoPot 4 pot gravity-fed watering system that is easy to install and perfect for the first-time grower. Because it is gravity-driven, it requires virtually no maintenance, and no power, pumps or timers. The system is extremely versatile, and suitable for novice and experienced marijuana growers alike.

One of the many advantages of the AutoPot 4 pot gravity-fed watering system is that it is extensible. You can add as many pots as you like to a single reservoir.

This is “lazy” growing at its best: no daily watering and only minimal monitoring is required after you have set up the system. Simply fill the reservoir with water and suitable marijuana nutrients and let the hydroponic system take care of your weed plants.

This hydroponic marijuana system comprises one 12 gallon reservoir and 4 growing pots. It is an ideal complete starter kit for the beginner.

4-pot system has a gravity feeding mechanism that supports the capillary actions of the plant roots.

AutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System - marijuana hydroponic systemThe fact that no electrical equipment is required makes this one of the most energy saving and environment friendly marijuana hydroponic systems on the market.

The system includes:

  • 12 gallon reservoir, lid and 1/4″ top hat grommet
  • filter
  • 4  tees
  • 2 cross connectors
  • 2 inline taps
  • 4 pot trays and lids
  • 4 4 gallon pots
  • 4 AQUA valves
  • 4 root control discs
  • 13′ length 1/4″ pipe
  • Full instructions

The AutoPot 4 pot gravity-fed watering system can be used to grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for both hydroponic marijuana growing and soil marijuana growing.

This hydroponic marijuana system is reasonably priced at $219.99 on Amazon.

Users on Amazon only give the AutoPot 4 pot gravity-fed watering system a rating of 3.8 (out of 5). The proponents are very positive. Here’s what a few users who rate it 5 out of 5 had to say:

  • “I have been using AutoPots for 10 years. I think they are the easiest thing to grow in.”
  • “Product is much better than I expected. I would recommend this to a friend.”
  • “Excellent product! Can’t beat the price!!!!totally recommended!”
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