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AK 47 strain review! Learn all about AK weed!

The AK 47 strain is not at all like the weapon it is named after. In fact, AK 47 weed is quite the opposite: it is mellow and relaxing, and very unlike its namesake that evokes thoughts of violence and chaos.

The AK 47 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that give you a lasting and constant buzz. It leaves you sufficiently alert to participate in social and creative activities. CBD content of about 1% makes the AK 47 strain an effective medical marijuana strain.

AK 47 weed is a hybrid derived from a combination of strains from around the globe. The parent strains blend to give the AK strain a a wonderful mixture of flavors and THC level of as high as 20%. The indica / sativa ratio is about 35% / 65%.

AK 47 weed plants are compact and genuinely easy to grow indoors, no matter how experienced you are. This is a perfect starter strain for novice marijuana growers.

AK 47 strain images

AK 47 strain infographic

Here’s an infographic that provides and overview of the AK 47 strain of weed.

AK 47 strain infographic

AK 47 weed growing information

AK 47 weed is a great strain for beginners growing indoors. It is a hardy strain that is easy to grow indoors. It is somewhat susceptible to rotting and mold, so you need good air flow to prevent dampness in your indoor growing environment.

The AK 47 strain develops into relatively tall, but compact, marijuana plants of between 19 – 32 inches. Flowering time is about 7 – 9 weeks. You can expect yields of approximately 14 ounces per m².

For growing outdoors, the AK 47 strain is best suited to advanced growers. Your harvest time will be around end of October. AK 47 weed requires cool temperatures in a relatively sunny climate, with lots of fresh air. Outdoor yields for the AK 47 strain are about 14 ounces per plant.

AK 47 strain origins

AK-47 weed was developed in the Netherlands by Serious Seeds in 1992.

The AK 47 strain has won numerous awards, including Cannabis Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup awards, the Highlife competition in Spain, a Toronto Expo award, and more.

The AK 47 strain is world-renowned for its high THC content.

The parent strains of the AK 47 strain are:

  • Sam – South American Sativa
  • Mex – Mexican Sativa
  • Tha – Thai Sativa
  • Afg – Afghani Indica

AK 47 strain effects

This strain is notorious for its “happy” effects. Users enjoy uplifting sensations while maintaining a clear head. It’s all about positive feelings and great vibes.

The mood-elevating properties of the AK 47 strain make it a perfect medical marijuana choice for anyone suffering from depression or stress-related ailments. It is a great weed strain for anyone needing to unwind.

The indica / sativa percentages of AK-47 weed are 35% indica / 65% sativa.

If feeling mellow and calm, yet uplifted and innovative, is what you’re needing, AK 47 weed is the strain for you. Users experience longer periods of euphoria compared to other strains, and fits of giggles are quite normal.

The euphoric high of AK 47 weed typically kicks in as you consume it. You can expect to float slowly into a strong, cerebral high. If you are in the mood for frivolity, the AK 47 strain will keep the smile of your face long after you’ve had a really good laugh.

Possible adverse effects of AK 47 weed

The AK 47 strain has no serious side effects.

Although some users do report dry mouth and eyes, these are as likely caused by dehydration, as by the strain itself. Remember to keep your body hydrated with enough water, and use eye drops to keep your eyes moist, if necessary.

There have also been a few reports of users suffering paranoia, anxiety, dizziness and headaches, but these side effects are rare and could also be caused by over consumption.

Flavor, taste and aroma of the AK 47 strain

The aroma of AK-47 weed is noticeably earthy with a slightly sour note. The AK 47 strain has a pungent smell that is sweet an sugary,

The flavor of the AK 47 strain is a mixture of sweet and floral, with an added touch of herbal spiciness.

Medical uses of AK 47 weed

The AK 47 strain has powerful therapeutic benefits.

It has been utilized around the world to relieve numerous psychological issues. The AK 47 strain is an effective reliever of depression, anxiety and stress. Users get a lot of relief from the mood-improving euphoric effects.

AK-47 weed is very calming and allows you to chill out completely, without falling asleep. These properties are effective for pain management and relieving muscle spasm. Because the high is not exceptionally heavy, patients can take a toke every now and then during the day and remain absolutely functional.

The AK-47 strain stimulates the appetite. The resultant munchies makes it a tremendous strain for nausea and loss of appetite. It is frequently used to assist cancer patients going through the debilitating effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Where to buy AK 47 weed seeds

You can buy AK 47 cannabis seeds here.

AK 47 weed seed customer reviews

The AK 47 strain has received great reviews on ILGM. 86% of 91 reviewers give the strain a 5 star rating. Here is what a few happy customers had to say:

  • Kentaro M. United States Awesome !! Quick delivery !! Thank you so much.
  • James I. United States AK-47 seed review Fantastic. Delivery time was not Amazon but very acceptable. All 5 seeds have germinated and just sprouted their 3rd set of true leaves. They are healthy and happy growing by my pool in San Diego.
  • CN Montana USA First grow Seeds arrived in 15 days all in great shape and all germinated within 4 days. Tech support on the ILGM grow forum has been AWESOME! I have big healthy plants that will be ready for harvest in three to four weeks. Can’t wait! Thanks ILGM!
  • John B. United States The best seed sight This sight is great. Delivery is always quick. Seeds ate healthy. Plus they give you info on growing. BERGMAN is the bomb.
  • Will Jersey Sweet AK-47 This is a wonderful strain…easy to grow…easy to clone. A sweet candy like aroma, fat consistent colas. Grew huge in DWC, fat in ebb and flow, coco and mini rock wool cubes were effortless and consistent. Super relaxing smoke…easily “crumbles” ( no grinder needed)….rolls and burns beautifully….

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Happy Growing!

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